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Get to know the faces behind the



Artificial intelligence isn’t just about state-of-the-art technology. It’s also about people. Smart, curious people in pursuit of “breakthroughs” that will solve complex problems. A researcher working tirelessly to accelerate drug discovery. A startup founder identifying a new way to fight malware. A team of scientists using deep learning to predict hurricanes and help people get out of harm’s way quickly. These are the innovators of the fourth industrial revolution.

A Bountiful Harvest

Episode Nine: Watch Now

Taking AI to New Heights

Episode Eight: Watch Now

AI with the Heart of a Composer

Episode One: Watch Now



Who are today’s leading AI innovators and how are they reshaping entire industries? This original docuseries explores the world’s greatest artificial intelligence achievements and the people who are making them happen. Check back often for new episodes.

AI with the Heart of a Composer

AIVA taps into powerful AI technologies to create compositions for everything from advertisements to feature films with amazing originality and emotion.

Episode One: Watch Now

Driving AI Innovation for the Long Haul

Truck manufacturer PACCAR is taking advantage of AI to bring autonomy to its fleet, boosting both productivity and driver safety.

Episode Two: Watch Now

A New Weapon in the Fight Against Cancer

12 Sigma Technologies is using deep learning and AI to detect and identify lung cancer nodules earlier and more efficiently.

Episode Three: Watch Now

Exploring New Looks in AI

ModiFace is a real-time app that takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect hair color.

Episode Four: Watch Now

On the Fast Track to AI-Powered Driving

Roborace is exploring the power—and the art—of next-generation self-driving racecars.

Episode Five: Watch Now

Running Wild for Nature Conservation

Wildbook, an AI-powered software developed by researchers, is helping the Kenyan government track zebra movement to save them from extinction.

Episode Six: Watch Now

Taking the Ice with AI

Iceberg uses AI to capture, visualize, and analyze game data, giving hockey coaches and their players a competitive advantage.

Episode Seven: Watch Now

Taking AI to New Heights

Skydio drones use AI to capture every epic adventure.

Episode Eight: Watch Now

A Bountiful Harvest

Meet Agrobot, an AI-powered autonomous harvester that’s poised to revolutionize the agriculture industry.

Episode Nine: Watch Now
AI Podcast Lockup

Artificial intelligence has been described as “Thor’s Hammer” and “the new electricity.” But it’s also a bit of a mystery, even to those who know it best. We’ll connect with some of the world’s leading experts in artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning to explore AI. Discover how it works, how it’s evolving, and how it intersects with every facet of human endeavor—from art to science. Look for new episodes every week.


Organizations at every stage of growth—from startups to Fortune 500s—are using deep learning and AI. Deep learning is the fastest growing field in AI, empowering immense progress in all kinds of emerging markets and will be instrumental in ways we haven’t even imagined.


Servicing 8.3 billion translation requests daily, real-time translation plays an increasingly important role for the Alibaba Group, and the overall growth of global e-commerce.

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GE Avitas

From AI supercomputers to robots, Avitas Systems uses NVIDIA? DGX? Systems to revolutionize the inspection of industrial assets. AI helps it to increase human safety, protect the environment, and deliver cost savings for businesses.

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NASA Ames Center

To better keep a finger on the pulse of the Earth’s health, NASA developed DeepSat, a deep learning framework for satellite image classification and segmentation.

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